Why I say Community

Why I say Community

Community has always been of great importance to my family and I.

Our Parks and recreations are a vital asset to our community. They bring our citizens together and provide an opportunity to improve the physical activity of communities. It is the glue that brings us together. Recreational social programs and services can improve the lives of citizens who may experience barriers that may otherwise limit their opportunities.

A little over six years ago, my wife and I created Paulding County Uncensored. A local news and media, event coordinating company. We used this company to bring the local news to the county on our Facebook page (facebook.com/pauldingcountyuncensored). We also hosted numerous local events for the community, almost all of which were free to the public. You may have been to one of these events yourself. If you recognize the posters in the image above, you are familiar with some of the events we provided.

I have always believed that a strong community can accomplish great things.

If elected as your Post 1 Commissioner, I will continue to work to provide avenues for the community to come together.