The Path Forward

The path forward is to grow our local economy. We can not simply cut the budget to lower taxes. Our current millage rate is lower than our surrounding counties.

Paulding County officials have been able to accomplish this and still keep essential services funded and keep the public safe.

We must explore other avenues for economic growth outside of increasing taxes on homeowners. One way to do this is to increase our commercial and industrial capacities in this county. Only 12% of your tax revenue comes from this. 88% comes from property tax. Our surrounding counties receive an average of 30% of there revenue from Commercial and Industrial tax.

We need to explore attracting more business' to alleviate the personal property tax burden on our homeowners.

Paulding County has been growing at about a 2-3% rate year over year. Without other avenues of revenue, The increased burden to our infrastructure and education system will fall on our citizens.