Economic Growth

As your commissioner, I will work to foster positive growth that meets our county’s economic needs. Having opportunities for our citizens to work and live here is imperative. We can not have all the revenue burden of the county fall on our property taxes. We must strengthen our industrial base.

Fiscal Responsibility

As your commissioner, I promise to exercise fiscal responsibility with our county taxes. I will work to ensure we budget and plan for our rising population and that our money is not spent on wasteful budget items.

Small Business

Small Business growth is vital to small communities. It is the backbone of our local economy. I will work to ensure the pathways to opening your own business in this community will be favorable and efficient. 


I will work to implement policies that encourage social interaction, biking, running, walking, etc. As owner of Paulding County Uncensored we have promoted and hosted numerous events in this county for the past 6 years.


I feel it necessary to collaborate with the School Board, Public Safety, and the community to strengthen Paulding County. By collaborating in an intentional way, we (the commission, school boards, Public Safety, etc) can intensify the impact we have on Paulding County.

Public Safety

Having the tools and resources needed to maintain safety and harmony is vital. As commissioner, I will work with local Public Safety officials to ensure they have what is needed to maintain security in our growing community.

Get to know me

I would be honored to serve as YOUR next Post 1 Commissioner. I value every vote I receive and am humbled to serve you. Please consider voting on June 9th James Curtis for Post 1 Commissioner.

My Focus

Economic Growth

Economic Growth

Other than Public Safety, my chief concern is our economy. A thriving local economy benefits all of its citizens.

As your commissioner, I will work (...)



We all know the saying, ” There is no I in TEAM.” This is especially true in local government.

Your local government is the most critical (...)

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